Our Policy

Since the foundation of the group in 2017, our members have researched Basic Income proposals and in 2021 this information was used to develop our own detailed Universal Basic Income (UBI) policy proposal. The proposal is ever-evolving through community outreach and discussions, in order to achieve the ideal policy.

The aim of the proposal is to have a UBI paid to all adult Australian residents, at or above the Henderson Poverty Line by 2030, starting at just $10/week by 2025 to minimise risk.

The policy is designed to eliminate systemic poverty, provide an effective wage rise for low-paid workers (without creating cost-push inflation), and provide a new tool to dynamically balance the labour market.

This can be implemented without changing our tax/welfare systems, increasing tax rates or debt, taking from other programs, negatively impacting welfare recipients, or causing excessive inflation.

This video explains why we need a UBI, and how it would be structured and funded, as well as identifying some of the major benefits it will deliver to individuals, business, government and the community in general.

Long-form policy document

Short-form policy document