If you're thinking of coming along to an event, but you're not sure which one is right for you, you're in the right place. Here you will find a brief summary of what you can expect from each kind of event we run regularly.

For specific event details like dates and locations, visit our Meetup page

Action Group

The Action Group is the core of Basic Income Australia. It's the event for people who are already convinced that a Basic Income is a good idea and they want to take steps to make it a reality in Australia. Both internal logistics and external outreach strategies are discussed and planned here. If you're feeling shy about coming along and voicing your opinions and strategic ideas, just remember that the movement can never grow if new people don't join in.

UBI Trivia - Meet & Greet

This is a fun and relaxing event, and an opportunity to spend time with other Basic Income advocates while playing a low-stakes game of Basic Income trivia. All people are welcome here, but this is the recommended first event for new members.

Discussion Group

This is a space to discuss the idea of a Basic Income and the social and economic systems that surround it. Typically there is an invited guest speaker and a particular theme to the discussion, and since the sessions are recorded you can watch the entire archive on YouTube.

Policy Group

In contrast to the Discussion Group that allows for more general discussion, this event is exclusively for developing an ideal Basic Income policy that can be practically implemented. The group has a formal policy and this the space for it to be improved.

Quarterly Planning Meeting

To provide a sense of structure to the Action Group, every three months we meet to analyse the progress of the last three months, and plan our priorities for the upcoming three months.