If you're thinking of coming along to an event, but you're not sure which one is right for you, you're in the right place. Here you will find a brief summary of what you can expect from each kind of event we run regularly.

For specific event details like dates and locations, visit our Meetup page

Action Meeting

The Action Meeting is a great event to come to if you are are already convinced that a Basic Income is a good idea and you want to take steps to make it a reality in Australia. A high-level overview of the actions and strategies planned in other meetings is shared in this meeting. If you're feeling shy about coming along and voicing your opinions and strategic ideas, just remember that the movement can never grow if new people don't join in.

Book Club

The book club is a Basic Income discussion group guided by a particular book that is read ahead of time. This is a great event for people who want to think and talk through the idea of a Basic Income.

What's a UBI?

This event is for those curious about Universal Basic Income (UBI) and its potential to reshape society. Join us at "What's a UBI?", an informal, yet insightful online gathering where we delve into the concept of UBI and its implications for the future. This event is a perfect opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to come together, learn, and discuss the ins and outs of a UBI system.

Newcomer Event

This informal session is designed for newcomers to get acquainted with each other and our community. It's a chance to share your interests, ask initial questions, and feel the welcoming spirit of Basic Income Australia (BIA).

Policy Meeting

These events are for developing an ideal Basic Income policy that can be practically implemented. The group has a formal policy and this the space for it to be improved. It runs on an ad-hoc basis as interest in policy is raised.

Communications Meeting

This is a strategy planning event, specifically discussing the way the organisation Basic Income Australia presents itself and how best to present the idea of a Basic Income to the general public.

Quarterly Planning Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to refine our group priorities to ensure that we are focusing on the most important areas in order to achieve the Basic Income we are aiming for.

Operations Meeting

While almost all of the other meetings are focused on external outreach, the Operations meeting is focused inward as we plan the logisics of how the organisation of Basic Income Australia is structured.