an unconditional
liveable wage
for all

If you are new to UBI, you’ve come to the right place to learn. If you are already a UBI warrior, we are the people from all walks of life who are determined to make it happen.

The objective of Basic Income Australia

Our objective is to introduce a Universal Basic Income (UBI) paid to all adult Australian residents every week, at or above the Poverty Line. The current target is $500/week/adult by 2030, adjusted for inflation in the price of basic goods and services, starting with a low initial payment in 2025.

The proposed system aims to:

  1. Uphold the principles of universality (every resident over 18 receives it for life) and unconditionality (no application required).
  2. Eliminate systemic poverty.
  3. Target the net benefit to the lowest paid and those without any income.
  4. Disadvantage no one
  5. Be simple to administer, without a requirement to report changing circumstances.
  6. Not require changes to our welfare, tax, banking, or any other systems.
  7. Not result in excessive inflation.
  8. Keep the Labour Market in dynamic balance so everyone who wants a paid job has one, and all paid jobs are filled within standard recruitment times.
  9. Be introduced in a phased manner to mitigate and manage possible risks.

Taking an incremental approach and gradually phasing it in will allow early action to countermeasure any emerging problems. Equivalently we can speed-up the roll out as benefits to individuals, business and the community become apparent.


As set out in Rutger Bregman’s book: ‘Utopia for Realists’, we ascribe to the truth that:

People are not poor because the rich have too much, or because we lack resources. They are poor because they lack the money required to signal their basic needs. Without money, their needs are invisible to the market, so the market can never respond. This is bad for them, and bad for business. For society, it creates division and conflict, and the loss of human potential.


A UBI does one vital thing: put money into the hands of everyone to signal their basic needs. We will still need to tackle the supply side to ensure the provision of adequate health, education and housing, among other basic goods and services.


You are key to solving one of the great challenges of our time: poverty, which is causing anger and division, and threatens to break our society apart.

There are many challenges you can devote your time to... few offer the potential to solve a major societal problem once and for all.

Join us so that in your old age, you can say: “I was one of the people who did it!