Basic Income for an Innovative Nation

Basic Income Innovation article published, and our next meetup is coming together!

In response to Malcolm Turnbull’s recent Innovation Statement and in preparation for the theme of our next Basic Income Australia meetup, I have published an article with about why implementing a Basic Income will be the best move for empowering massive innovation on a national level.

See the article here: How a universal basic income could fuel entrepreneurship

I made a few images to go with the article. They weren’t published by GeekTime in the end, but they may still be useful for social media if you want to share them:

basic income australia quote on innovation

Vinay Gupta quote about innovation

Paul Graham quote about big winner startups paying off 10,000x

So share the article. Tweet with the images (tweets with images always get more attention and interactions). Share on Reddit (relevant to /r/Australia, /r/entrepreneur, /r/startups, /r/futurology etc) and upvote. Get it out there.

Basic Income and Innovation – Sydney Meetup

Now I will start to prepare for our next meetup. We have an event created for it on; Go register for it now. Share it around. Invite people.

After the meetup I plan on writing another piece on Innovation and Basic Income which goes into more depth on exactly how a basic income will result in innovation. This piece was necessarily short on the details in order to be publishable in this sort of medium. My next piece should be published in the blog of the Basic Income Earth Network.